Roof Replacement

Current roofing technology offers so many advanced options to make your roof the talk of the neighborhood. From designer shingles to advanced ventilation systems, picking a contractor that understands the ins and outs of the industry is critical. Our standard system is far more advanced than the majority of roof companies, so we offer the strongest warranty in the market.

We offer a limited lifetime leak free warranty. Our roof replacements include:

  • Complete tear off of the old system
  • Full inspection by project manager or sales person
  • New drip edge installed on the entire perimeter
  • Step flashing installed at all wall abutments
  • Ice and water guard installed on the eaves, valleys, and around all penetrations
  • New lead pipe boots installed over all vent stacks on roof and paint to match
  • Box vents or back slant vents replaced on the roof
  • Synthetic underlayment installed on the entire roof — 10 times stronger than conventional felt
  • Starter shingle installed on the entire perimeter to ensure a clean level starting edge and 130 mph wind warranty
  • Lifetime architectural shingle installed from one of the manufacturers we recommend

This system should truly be the last roof you ever have installed!