Flat Roof Restoration

Before you commit to a costly full roof replacement, take a look at your restoration options. They’re environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Most metal and flat roofs can be restored! The benefits of roof restoration include…

  • Avoiding complete tear-off and replacement
  • Waterproofing and eliminating all leaks
  • Costing only 1/2 of a full roof replacement after taxes
  • Reducing energy usage

Whether you want to rejuvenate a rusted metal roof or restore and extend the life of an existing single-ply membrane, Happy Roof has the best roofing coating you’ll ever need.

High Performance Roof Coating

Happy Roof’s specialty coatings provide seamless roofing and ​waterproof barriers that fully adhere to substrates. They eliminate common sources of leaks and prevent water from pooling beneath roofing material.

The Happy Roof process uses an industry-leading product: A single-component, moisture-cured silicone coating for residential, commercial, and industrial roof applications. Our petroleum-free and solvent-free product is easier on the environment while also offering better longevity and performance than any traditional petroleum-based roofing application.