How to Tell If You Should Replace Your Roof

June 12, 2015

Most people know they should replace their roof when it starts to leak. That’s a pretty easy way to know it’s time for a new roof. After all, it’s a roof’s job to keep the inside of your home protected from the weather outside, so if it fails to do that, it’s time for a replacement. But a leak isn’t the only thing that dictates the need for replacement. In fact, a leak is usually the last sign that a roof needs to be replaced. If you keep an eye out for the signs that a leak could be forming, you can replace your roof before it causes any water damage in your home’s interior.


Warning Signs of an Impending Leak


  • If your shingles are torn, or some are missing, your roof will be exposed to liquid, which will cause rotting and subsequent leaking. When shingles get old, they tend to curl and split apart and, thus, lose their waterproofing capabilities. When shingles are old and weak, they are more likely to blow away and leave your roof exposed.
  • If your roof’s flashing is rusted or missing, it will be easier for water to get under the roof. Flashing is the metal that surrounds skylights, vent pipes, and chimneys, and it’s also commonly used in the valleys where different roofing sections meet.
  • If your gutters, downspouts, and splash pans show evidence of decay or damage, it could be another sign that a leak is imminent. You can see signs of this from the inside of your home as well in discolored plasterboard, peeling wallpaper, and cracked paint.


By recognizing these signs, you’ll be able to make a repair or replace the roof before costly damage occurs on the inside of your home. If it’s time to repair or replace the roof on your Missouri home, contact the professionals at The Happy Roof Company today to schedule a free estimate.

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