Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Roof Coating

September 15, 2015

Many homeowners are gaining interest in DIY home improvement these days.

Continuous advancements in the industry have made home improvement projects more appealing and the accessibility of products and materials are encouraging many property owners to start different types of DIY projects. Some projects are simply not recommended to be done on your own. Applying your own roof coating is one of the DIY projects you want to avoid. Here are a few reasons why:


A well-maintained roof can keep you and your family protected from the elements and help the visual appeal of your home. That’s why we don’t advise making roof repairs or replacement on your own. Climbing up onto your roof is too dangerous. It is too easy to slip and fall. Most homeowners do not have the right equipment which further increases the chances of accidents.

Doing It Yourself Doesn’t Mean You Are Doing it Right

Your roof is the most important part of your home. It keeps out the elements and keeps your family safe. Skimping on professional quality services and doing it yourself can cause more harm than good, and you do not want to harm your roof. Especially because your roof has such an important job to do! In the past we have had calls from people who have tried to coat their roofs themselves and they missed spots or didn’t coat properly, this caused roof leaks.

It Can Be More Expensive

When you take on a DIY project sometimes it ends up actually costing more than hiring a professional. This can happen if the homeowner buys the wrong products needed or improperly applies the roof coating. If the coating is not applied correctly your roof can leak leading to a more expensive fix than just hiring a professional to begin with!

Contact The Happy Roof today for your professional roof installation. We can promise a better, higher quality roofing product at a much more affordable price than any of our competitors.

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