5 Most Commonly Overlooked Dangers of Gutter Cleaning

June 12, 2015
Ladder falls can be very dangerous for the inexperienced as well as the experienced. Thousands of emergency room visits a year are contributed by ladder falls at home, quiet often while cleaning gutters.
Many causes of ladder falls at home are often overlooked or not thought of prior to climbing the rungs of the ladder. Some of these causes include:
  • Poor maintenance of the ladder: One of the things overlooked with ladders is that they too, require proper maintenance to insure safety.
  • Dizziness issues: When working at higher elevations, many people can be over taken by dizziness or vertigo issues, causing the loss of balance and falling off the ladder.
  • Instability of the ladder: Improper positioning of a ladder can cause a major ladder disaster. Putting the ladder on uneven ground or against the roof, wall or gutters insecurely can cause the ladder to topple over or even damage your home.
  • Improper clothing: Wearing loose clothing while climbing a ladder and cleaning your gutters can be very dangerous. Loose clothing can catch on projections and cause the ladder to topple over.
  • Electrical wiring: Coming in contact with electrical wiring while cleaning out gutters, whether it’s by accident or in the case of trying to prevent a fall, can be extremely dangerous.
Call us today to explore your options on gutter protection, saving you time and potentially a fall!

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