5 Common Roof Types

June 1, 2015

Unless you are in the market for a new roof, or just recently replaced your old roof, you might not be familiar with all of the roofing options.  Roofs vary in terms of material, functionality, and price.  When looking at roofing options, it is important to consider factors such as material, lifespan, price, and popularity.  Climate often dictates the type of shingle for a home.  For example, warm climates in the deep south make clay roofs ideal, and frigid climates found in the northern states make asphalt shingles very popular.


1. Asphalt – Asphalt roofs vary in terms of quality and price.  Homeowners should be cautious when purchasing inexpensive asphalt shingles as the warranty might be shorter than asphalt shingles of high quality.  Asphalt shingles have come a long way.  Architectural shingles made of asphalt give a home a wow factor, increasing a home’s curb appeal immediately.


2. Cedar Shake – Cedar shake roofs are pleasing to the eye and are very functional.  When installed properly, cedar shake roofs can make your home stand apart from the rest.


3. Clay – Clay roofs are popular in the southern states and in Mexico.  Homes with a Mediterranean or Spanish flare usually boast clay tile roofs.  These roofs have a very distinct look and are very functional.  Sometimes homeowners in cooler climates select this roofing option, but it is rare.


4. Metal – Years ago, metal roofing was primarily installed on commercial roofs.  Over the past several years, metal roofs have gained popularity and can be found in many residential communities.  These roofs are very durable and have a distinct look as well.


5. Slate – Slate roofing is beautiful and very durable, but costly.  These roofs look gorgeous on traditional colonial homes.  Slate roofs were once extremely popular in New England and remain a favorite among those with the ability to pay a premium for a roof made of rock.


The popularity of roofing materials varies depending upon climate and region. Homeowners will want to do their homework prior to selecting a roof for their home.  The Happy Roof Company is the clear choice for those living in the Greater St. Louis region.  Contact the experts for a free, no obligation, estimate today!

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