Senate Bill 101

June 12, 2015
In May of 2011, SB 101 was passed by both the Senate and House, sending it to Governor Jay Nixon in just a month’s time. Senate Bill 101 is a bill to protect you, the consumer, from being defrauded from what we know the out-of-town companies as ‘storm chasers’. ‘Storm chasers’ are known to come into hard hit areas by weather, defraud the citizens of that particular town and then leave, never to be heard from again. These so called ‘storm chasers’ win contracts by offering to pay deductibles or give discounts to offset the deductible amount. SB 101 has put a stop to that nonsense, especially being brought to the lawmakers after such storms hit in the storm seasons of 2010-2011 in Missouri, making the decision easy enough.
In direct ordinance with Senate Bill 101, these extracts from the bill are the most important to help protect you and The Happy Roof Co.:
“A residential contractor shall not advertise or promise to pay or rebate all or any portion of any insurance deductible as an inducement to the sale of goods or services. As used in this section, a promise to pay or rebate includes granting any allowance or offering any discount against the fees to be charged or paying the insured or any person directly or indirectly associated with the property any form of compensation, gift, prize, bonus, coupon, credit, referral fee, or other item of monetary value for any reason.”
“A residential contractor shall not represent or negotiate, or offer or advertise to represent or negotiate, on behalf of an owner or possessor of residential real estate on any insurance claim in connection with the repair or replacement of roof systems, or the performance of any other exterior repair, replacement, construction, or reconstruction work.”
For the full length of Senate Bill 101, click here.

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