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Selecting the right roofing company for your project is an important decision. Having a company that understands different aspects of the project can be the difference between a long drawn out process, or a short, easy, experience.
In most cases it’s easy for installers to get watered down certifications that really don’t mean much. The Happy Roof Company has taken that to a different level. We have a residential and commercial HAAG Certified Roofing Inspector on staff. The HAAG Certification is a very important step that most major insurance companies use to determine if a roof actually has storm related damage, wear and tear, and proper installation. This class is a 5 day course that requires vigorous tests to complete the course. It also requires continuing education. To even qualify to test you must have a recorded 1000 residential inspections, and 500 commercial flat roof inspections that have been documented.
All members of our staff have completed the various shingle manufactures testing as well. Including Master shingle applicator, and shingle quality specialist.
With our combined experience we have installed over 1500 residential roof projects. We understand the process from start to finish.

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