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Energy Assessments

Efficiency is important. Not only does an efficient roof help the environment by reducing energy usage, but it also helps homeowners by reducing energy costs. The savings of an efficient and functional roof can be huge.

To determine whether your roof is operating as efficiently as it should, look to Happy Roof for a home energy assessment. Our professional Happy Roof team has experience in all types of roofs, siding, windows, and gutters, and the knowledge to know how energy efficient your home is. 

We will assess the exterior of your home – the roof, the eaves, the windows, the siding – to determine its efficiency. We’ll check for leaks, and uncover areas for improvement. We’ll provide you with a thorough roof inspection report that details our findings. If issues are discovered, we are efficient problem solvers who will provide detailed estimates for fixes.

At Happy Roof, we pride ourselves on being a local, family-owned business. You can expect friendly customer service and experienced, knowledgeable staff. We train all our employees in up-to-date, modern roofing techniques. You can rest easy knowing your roof exceeds the latest roofing standards. 

We strive to provide holistic solutions for your roofing needs. We don’t want to throw a bandaid on a problem only to have it lead to bigger issues down the road. Our solutions are created to last and keep your home as efficient as possible for many years.

If your home could benefit from an energy assessment, give us a call. We’d be happy to assess your home and roof and provide you with options to boost the efficiency of your home. We offer flexible appointment times and services that are catered to you.

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